People, Planet, Profit

Welcome to Rivers of Thought!

In this space you will find my musings about sustainable business practices, sustainable lifestyles and general observations about business, life and the world around us. For those that know me, you will not be surprised when I throw in the random Lewis and Clark story, or perhaps overuse a river analogy to make a point. I hope you find the postings interesting, worthy of comment and that they will stimulate some helpful dialog.


  1. Michael Pellerin says

    Hello Jeff,

    As your new journey begins, please know all of us are with you and wish you great and continued success.

    Web Site looks great, looking forward to more reading.


  2. Kathleen McClanahan-Gruhl says

    W@W . . . OK so I’m way impressed . . . especially love the memories of your Grandmother and taking your Mom on the river . . . life is all about creating memories and those are precious memories ~ I’m trying to “Go Green” . . . small steps but each can have a BIG impact. You have become my “conscience” . . . that’s a good thing . . . I look forward to reading your thoughts as often as they are posted. Also, the photos on each of your websites are spectatular!!!


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