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Throughout his 30 year career in business technology, Jeffrey Ton has developed and fine tuned his leadership skills to become a business focused leader who drives results. Ton has combined his experience from several industries, including commercial real estate development, manufacturing, consulting, and banking with experience in companies ranging from five employees to 60,000. With additional experience as a consultant, developer, entrepreneur, and manager he has cultivated a truly unique leadership style and vision of business. Ton has been successful in utilizing a servant leadership style with a focus on the triple bottom line to build great teams, departments and companies.

With Rivers of Thought, Jeff started out to write a technology blog, after all, it is where he has dedicated his entire career and shouldn’t every CIO write a technology blog?  However, as Ton looked around the internet at technology blogs, they were all about, well, technology. “Yes”, he thought to himself, “I am passionate about technology, but not the latest gadget or hype-cycle. I am passionate about the way technology can be leveraged by businesses to help them do what they do better.”

Jeff Ton is passionate about a lot of things in addition to business and technology; sustainability, rivers, music, history (just ask him about Lewis and Clark…but only if you have a couple hours to spare) and more.  Rivers of Thought brings those seemingly unconnected interests, and ties them together. You may be surprised how interrelated they really are!

Take some time to read a post or two (or more), share your thoughts, agree, disagree. If you find them interesting, informative, mildly entertaining, please share them with others.

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Twitter: @jtonindy

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffton

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