Take your vendors for a ride – a hay ride!

Leadership, Business, Management

It had been over 20 years since I had been on a hay ride. I daresay, that probably holds true for the majority of the participants at the recent #GWTS2014Summit…but let me start at the beginning.  A year ago, we put a twist in our annual budget and planning cycle. Many companies and departments conduct […]

I will never take notes again!

Business, connectivity, technology

I could have just as easily titled this post “An Old Dog Learns ANOTHER New Trick” (“An Old Dog Goes Back to High School“), but I really have quit taking notes at conferences. Instead I have crowdsourced this task. How, you ask, did I do that? With Twitter, of course (right now everyone reading this […]

Living in a virtual world – Big Data 4Dx

Leadership, Education, Business

With no apologies whatsoever to the Material Girl, I just spent two days this week living in a virtual world. It was an incredible experience! In a first for the MIT Executive Education Program, one of their classes was offered in a virtual environment. No, this was not your father’s webinar using WebEx, this was […]