Leadership Lessons from a Flock of Geese

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No, this post is not about a 2015 version of the 80’s band, Flock of Seagulls. Nor, is it really about a flock of geese (lovingly referred to as Sky Carp by my friend Lance). This post is really about the lessons I learned while attending “Transforming Your Leadership Strategy” conducted by MIT Sloan Executive […]

Shades of Grey

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Bet you thought this was going to be about something other than leadership, didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint! I awoke this morning to one of nature’s most beautiful landscapes. After a fresh snowfall, the Mud Creek valley was a winter wonderland. At first glance it is a world of black and white. However if you […]

Everything I Learned About Leadership…I Learned from Lewis and Clark

I have a confession. I am a groupie. I am sure many of you remember the 70’s and the “Dead Heads”, that group of hippies that followed the Grateful Dead all over the country. No, I haven’t been following my favorite rock band but I really AM a dead head because I’ve been following two […]