Scarecrow Finally has a Brain

business, leadership, education

Scarecrow: You promised us real things — a real…brain! Tin Man: A real heart! Lion: Real courage. That’s what we want. Wizard: You do? boys, you’re aiming low. You not only surprise, but you grieve me. Why, anybody can have a brain.  That’s a very mediocre commodity.  Every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the earth […]

Lessons in Negotiation from a Pirate

business, negotiation, leadership

Now before you think I am calling Professor Jared Curhan a pirate, let me explain. First of all, if he was a pirate, he would be the lovable, friendly kind like Johnny Depp or Keith Richards. Of all the classes, seminars, and workshops I have ever attended, I have to rank Professor Curhan near the […]

Leadership Lessons from a Flock of Geese

leadership, education, business, transformation

No, this post is not about a 2015 version of the 80’s band, Flock of Seagulls. Nor, is it really about a flock of geese (lovingly referred to as Sky Carp by my friend Lance). This post is really about the lessons I learned while attending “Transforming Your Leadership Strategy” conducted by MIT Sloan Executive […]