An Old Dog Goes Back to High School and Learns Some New Tricks

Last week I had the honor of sitting in on the Expository Writing class at one of our high schools (What? you didn’t know Goodwill operates high schools? Check out and Yep, that’s us!). This class, taught by Eric Nentrup (Mr. Eric to the students), is either an English Core 40 requirement or general elective for Juniors […]

N.C.I.S. Indianapolis – The Pilot

No, this is not about some crime new drama (though people say I do look a lot like Mark Harmon…NOT!), this is about social organizations, mass collaboration, big data, the future of work, and some technology thrown in for good measure! We recently announced a re-organization within Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana. This re-organization included the […]

5 things that keep me up at night

As a CIO, the question gets asked a LOT…What keeps you up at night? The answer may surprise you! The truth is other than some occasional snoring (sorry honey) and a trip or two to the loo (hey, we all get old sooner or later, embrace it) not much keeps me awake at night. Maybe I am naive, […]