The day the music died…Mark X. Hatfield

Mark X. Hatfield - The day the music died...

July 19, 2017: The day the music died. July 19th the world lost Mark X. Hatfield, and, yes, on July 19th…the music died. Mark as an organist. A church organist. He brought his gift to thousands around the world. Words cannot describe the majesty of his music. I urge you to listen to some of […]

My Mother was a Jesus Freak!

Family, Tradition, Christmas

My mother was a closet Jesus Freak! Who knew!??! Do you remember that group of hippies in the early seventies? OK, if you are too young to remember the early 70’s, look it up! Instead of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, they were all about Jesus, God and rock ‘n roll. My mom had […]

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

No, this post is not about an obscure rock band from Sweden, but it is about music (I warned you this blog would be an eclectic collection of all my passions!) and how music intertwines itself in our lives. It is amazing to me how music can bring back long lost memories and emotions. I […]

The World of Hip-Hop

As I stated when I started writing “Rivers of Thought” several months ago, I intend to write about a wide variety of topics from the environment, to sustainability, to history, to whatever. So today I am writing about Hip-Hop, yes, Hip-Hop…a pretty strange topic coming from a classic rock junkie to be sure. A year […]